Video Animation introducing the Smart Guide to Climate Adaptation

Climate Adaptation and Business Continuity - an essential connection

This short video introduces the Smart Guide - Adapting to Climate Change using your Business Continuity Management System.
The guide has been published by BSI in partnership with Climate Ready following our research over the past two years where one of the common requests was for more clarity on how to integrate Climate Adaptation factors into the Business Continuity and Risk Management processes.  
This Guide is a big step forward and helps you by providing exactly what you need to assess and upgrade your BCM planning.  It's a useful resources for all risk professionals and senior executives too!.
We feel that BCM and Risk Professionals are ideally placed to help their organisations develop effective plans to manage and integrate Climate Adaptation measures into the business. They have the skills needed and can develop planning that effectively addresses risk and stay aligned with the businesses goals and will help demonstrate the value of BCM more widely across the business.

The Smart Guide has been created to help and encourage those working in the Risk and Business Continuity fields assess and update their planning for Extreme Weather.  It's been written to conform and compliment ISO 22301:2012, but can be used with any BCM plan. 
To find out more and to get your copy of the Smart Guide please follow this link!