Key Findings from the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2012

The global climate is changing and will continue to change over the coming century.
Most climate scientists agree that much of this is attributable to increased atmospheric concentrations of ‘greenhouse’ gases produced by human activities. Even if we manage to limit future greenhouse gas emissions, current and historical emissions mean that a certain amount of additional warming is inevitable.
This summary presents key findings from the Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA), the first-ever comprehensive assessment of potential risks and opportunities for the UK arising from climate change.
The CCRA represents a key part of the Government’s response to the Climate Change Act 2008, which requires a series of assessments of climate risks to the UK, both under current conditions and over the long term.
The CCRA has used currently available evidence to produce an initial snapshot of how a changing climate may affect the UK up to the year 2100. It will be updated every five years, taking account of new climate observations and improved understanding of future climate change and risk.