Business Continuity Standard ISO 22301 nears completion

The final voting period for ISO FDIS 22301 closes on the 1st of April 2012 and the result will be known soon after that date. All the indications are that the standards is now on track to be formally released in the early summer.  
This standard represents the result of a considerable effort spanning more than a decade to bring an effective and consistent standard for Business Continuity across the world. This also marks the start of a period of change for companies who have certified or aligned to the original British Standard - BS 25999. 
BS 25999 was the orginal source for the development framework for ISO 22301 and there should not be any significant obstacles to align with the new ISO for most. 
Certification organsiations will need a little time to adjust though and talks are underway with various agencies involved to make sure that any wrinkles are addressed quickly.
ISO 22301 must now be seen as the primary International standard for Bsuiness Continuity going forward not just in the UK, but internationally. 
We expect an annoucement on the future of BS 2599 to coincide with the formal adoption by ISO of 22301.  
Work continues apace on the ISO Guidance Documents for Business Continuity (ISO 22313*) that compliments ISO 22301 with progress updates also expected shortly.
The formal commenting period for ISO (DIS 22313) is still open though and closes on the 11th of April 2012 and its a great opportunity to reveiw and comment on the work undertaken so far. All comments are reviewed and are an important part of the process. Do visit the link below to take part: 
For more information or advice please do get in touch directly here.

* ISO 22301 is the equivalent to BS 25999 part 2 and ISO 22313 to part 1