Project Argus across the UK


Project Argus is a National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) initiative that explores ways of helping business to prevent, handle and recover from a terrorist attack.
Project Argus is a three hour event that utilises multimedia presentations of a simulated terrorist attack and a series of questions and hands on challenges that help participants detail ways in which the organisation could have coped better or indeed have identified the threat earlier.
Project Argus is aimed at managers in businesses primarily located within crowded places, in urban settings. Whether your organisation is retail or office based Project Argus offers clear value and benefits in terms of raising awareness about the threat from terrorism and provides really good practical help on this difficult subject form unbiased experts with all the latest training and information.
The Continuity Forum has worked closely with the National Counter Terrorism Security Office for over five years and we have found that the expertise shared has been invaluable to those working in the Business Continuity field. The quality and detailed advice available for free through the sessions can significantly enhance both the capabilities of your organisation and add to our societies security and resilience.
Project Argus sessions take place across the country and generally run from 9AM until 1 PM. For more information please check with your local Counter Terrorism Security Adviser Team by following this LINK.  You also may want to look into attending one of the Continuity Forum Security based events that complement Project Argus.  
A good start point for any organisation looking to improve their security and resilience is VSAT - the Vulnerability Self Assessment Tool that provides a snapshot of your current vulnerabilities and prioritises areas in need of attention. This is a free service and and is accessed over the Net. 
Originally Argus in Greek legend was a fearsome warrior with 100 eyes all over his body.  
Argus was the perfect guardian, ever vigilant, in even the deepest sleep some of his eyes remained open and alert.  This paints a slightly gruesome picture, but knowing the CTSA's as we do we can assure you that they don't look fearsome and are really committed to helping you.  
The Argus Sessions are top notch and deliver great insight, not just into the threat and issues surrounding Terrorism, but also good security and business continuity practices.  They are free to access and provide the latest advice and guidance specific to your region and more specialist support is available should your circumstances need it. 
If you would like to know more about the programme nationally please do get in touch with your local Police Force and ask for the Counter Terrorism Security Adviser or contact us at Continuity Forum.