Government sets the bar for Cyber Risk with Cyber Essentials

Cyber essentials scheme Logo Department of Business, Innovation & Skills Minister, Right Hon David Willetts MP, has announced the certification framework for Cyber Essentials, the governments new initiative aimed at creating a minimum expected capability for cyber security.  

Shaping Cyber Risk management for the UK | are you playing your part?

Can you help create a framework for Cyber Risk management for the UK?
The Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) is looking at how to help business improve its management of Cyber Risk through a process of industry engagement that is trying to identify how standards can be used in this process. 

UK businesses should seek insurance against cyberattacks


"Senior managers in UK business should pay greater attention to the threat of cyber attacks, establish what the cost of such an incident would be to their firms and insure against it." 
Thats the view of Technology law specialist Luke Scanlon of the law firm Pinsent Masons.

Foreign Secretary William Hague addresses the London Conference on Cyberspace

Delegates from around the world gathered in London to debate Cyberspace and its role in the modern world.  The benefits of the 'Net' has helped drive an estimated 21% growth in the economies of countries over the past decade and the newest start-up can now be global at the click of a button.
Internet Communications has been revolutionised around the world and has contributed to the developed of vast social networks that cross borders, cultures and interests.  There are now over two billion regular users of the Internet and this is continuing to grow and become ever more mobile as smart devices continue evolve placing the digital world in our hands wherever we are. 
With all the opportunities the Net has been a powerful part of the development of communities and business, but there is a darker side.

Understanding Cyber attack - a short film

This short video from the BBC looks at the threat of cyber attack and how measures need to be more widely developed to address the threats.

The London Cyberspace Conference

International leaders from government and business are meeting in London to discuss cyberspace and how to manage its risks. The UK Foreign Secretary, William Hague, will welcomes participants form around the world including US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, and Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia.
Criminals are exploiting the growth of cyberspace. They are using it to extort money, steal identities, ideas and designs, defraud government departments and businesses, as well as exploit the most vulnerable in our societies, particularly children. The annual cost of cyber crime to the global economy could be as much as $1 trillion.

ISO announce new ICT security standard to improve Business Continuity resilience

ISO security standards and Business Continuity
The International Standards Organisation (ISO) has released a new set of international guidelines to help protect and ensure the security of information and communication technologies and boost Business Continuity capabilities.
ISO/IEC 27031:2011 is aimed at all organisations regardless of their type, size and complexity and it is hoped that through the adoption of the standard greater resilience against hacking, denial of service and malware attacks will be seen.

NetBenefit launches new cloud hosting service

Managed hosting provider NetBenefit has launched a cloud hosting service that allows users to control their own capacity needs while still offering the back up and functionality of a managed hosting environment, including 24/7 support, resilience and security.

IBM White Paper - Helping Business stay in business

Executive summary
How do you know if your organization is proactively prepared for—and able to flexibly respond to—unplanned events? Does your business possess the business continuity management and resilience it needs to rapidly react to potentially costly man-made or natural disruptive events? If the unthinkable should occur, discover how IBM can help protect your brand and potential revenue by helping you to:
● Assess your risks 
● Develop a tailored business continuity and resilience strategy 
● Safeguard your business-critical information while maintaining continuous operations 
● Enable a virtually complete recovery should disaster occur

Business Continuity & Resilience White Paper from IBM

Business Continuity Forum 

Executive summary

How do you know if your organization is proactively prepared for and able to flexibly respond to unplanned events? Does your business possess the resilience it needs to rapidly react to potentially costly man-made or natural disruptive events? If the unthinkable should occur, discover how IBM can help pro- tect your brand and potential revenue by helping you to:

● Assess your risks

● Develop a tailored business resilience strategy

● Safeguard your business-critical information while maintain-ing continuous operations

● Enable a virtually complete recovery should disaster occur

ROI apparent when companies use business continuity practices

Business Continuity Forum 

Many businesses contemplate putting business continuity practices in place in case of an emergency, especially in IT where data systems and information can easily be backed up by a secondary server that mirrors a primary device.


However, it can often be difficult for companies to see the immediate benefits of such recovery plans, as one hopes disaster never strikes their enterprise.

On the other hand, international law firm Bird & Bird, whose infrastructure manager Jon Spencer recently has experienced first-hand the benefits of maintaining a comprehensive business continuity strategy.


"Businesses may not appreciate the value of business continuity systems, but they really do when systems fail," Spencer said.

As the company utilises many mobiles, it had backed up a server for its Blackberry users. And when that primary server failed, nothing skipped a beat due to its back-up planning.


"None of the firm's 240 Blackberry users experienced any interruptions in their messaging services in the two days the primary server was down," he explained.

Two days without mobile communication between colleagues at the company - not to mention contact with clients - could have proven disastrous for the business. Taking a cue from this incident, the company recently decided to more effectively back-up other servers as well, including its document management system (DMS).


"Protecting the DMS with clustering provided some level of redundancy, but we needed something to protect us if the shared storage failed or the primary data centre was unavailable," Spencer said.

Jason Morton


Verizon Business Offers Tips on How Enterprises Can Secure the Cloud


Although there is a growing awareness of the many benefits of cloud computing -- including on-demand provisioning that enables businesses to increase efficiency and control IT costs -- concerns about security are often cited as the No. 1 barrier to widespread adoption of cloud solutions.  

Strengthen your business with cloud computing - IBM White Paper

On the horizon: cloud computing


The digital age, with its unbroken, ubiquitous stream of real-time updates about various natural and manmade disasters occurring on the planet, has created a heightened awareness among businesses, regulatory agencies and stakeholders about the need to safeguard their information against such events through better Business Continuity and Risk Management.


Most data loss is caused by less newsworthy occurrences, such as hardware problems, software corruption or human error, but to remain agile, your business needs to be prepared at all times, for all types of disruptions, across all types of devices. Many chief information officers erroneously believe they have an effective plan in place, but they often fail to consider the cost of business process disruption or the overall business impact of downtime, lost data and productivity, the downstream effects of which can be significant and long lasting.

SME's still lack Back up protection


Most small and medium-size businesses are still failing to protect their firms vital data. This is the finding of a survey undertaken by Vanson Bourne and commissioned by Acronis.

White Paper: Building a Security and Risk Strategy for emerging technologies


High Performers & Foundational Controls: Building a strategy for Security and Risk Management 


This Enterprise Management Associates White Paper discusses building a strategy security risk management.


With all the attention given to the increasing sophistication of threats, and the security implications of technology trends such as virtualisation and cloud computing, our enterprises ready for tomorrow's security risks? These are the questions being addressed in this white paper.


The White Paper concludes that for many organisations the answer is no!

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