The London Cyberspace Conference

International leaders from government and business are meeting in London to discuss cyberspace and how to manage its risks. The UK Foreign Secretary, William Hague, will welcomes participants form around the world including US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, and Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia.
Criminals are exploiting the growth of cyberspace. They are using it to extort money, steal identities, ideas and designs, defraud government departments and businesses, as well as exploit the most vulnerable in our societies, particularly children. The annual cost of cyber crime to the global economy could be as much as $1 trillion.
Together with industry and civil society, governments need to look at how they can combat the scourge of cyber crime more effectively. We hope the Conference will lead to closer working not just between law enforcement agencies, but also between these agencies and business.
The issues that the conference delegates will address will include:
Where the balance of responsibility lies for crime prevention between governments, industry and individuals
The role of international conventions and model legislation
Scope for greater practical co-operation measures between law enforcement agencies.
Click the link below to see the live streamed conference sessions 
London Cyber Conference