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Risk and Reputation Presentation

This presentation is used to communicate the importance of Brand and Reputation Management.

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Risk and Reputation Presentation

Defending a brand: What's in a name? A crisis will tell

While the web has reduced from days to minutes the time in which a corporate reputation can be attacked on a global scale, companies trying to protect their brands must also face the fact that the public remains cynical about the motives of organisations in both state and private sectors.

Crisis And The Web

Managing a Digital Crisis

One thing is certain: A new scandal or crisis always seems to be around the next corner. Yet today, very few brands and celebrities know how to fully leverage the Internet when faced with a public relations crisis.

Recent PR nightmares for JetBlue, Turner Broadcasting, Dell Computers and KFC-Taco Bell demonstrate that as the "social Web" evolves, the focus for brands needs to be less on digital marketing and more on digital brand management.

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