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Our recommended reading list covering Business Continuity, Risk Management and a bit more

Its always a little difficult to find a good read, but here are a selection of titles that we have found interesting or stimulating. 
We've selected titles that cover a pretty broad range of topics that we think will help you develop your skill, knowledge and thinking. Some are pure text books targeted at very specific areas of the sector, but most are more accessible.

Crisis Communication - How not to handle an interview


How not to handle crisis communications

We hope you like this clip by Australian comedians John Clarke and Bryan Dawe which provides a humourous example of how not to handle the media.

Originally recorded over 10 years ago following a tanker incident this short video will hopefully make you laugh and more importantly, think!


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Risk and Reputation Presentation

This presentation is used to communicate the importance of Brand and Reputation Management.

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Risk and Reputation Presentation

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