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European Headquarters 
ABS Consulting - an ABS Group Company
EQE House, The Beacons
Warrington Road
Birchwood, Cheshire
ABS Consulting is a global safety, risk and integrity management company with experience completing challenging projects in all parts of the world for nearly half a century.
Operating in 39 countries their heritage in risk and safety management providing customers with current, reliable and practical advice and assistance. ABS
delivers effective solutions that establish, manage and monitor real Risk, Business Continuity and Safety performance.

The importance of Effective Stakeholder Consultation

Will Popham identifies best practice, potential pitfalls and the importance of careful planning when consulting with stakeholders

With the publication of the Strategic Defence Review (the first of its kind since 1998) and the news of the extensive cuts to the UK’s armed forces, the importance of stakeholder consultation and effective engagement has never been so apparent.  
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