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Got the sniffles? Get a tissue

Verdant looks at the communications around the flu epidemic

Andrew Lansley's decision to pull the Flu advertising campaign in the run up to Christmas has caused a huge amount of debate and criticism targeted at the Government who have been accused of putting the nation's health at risk in order to save money. 

Today's Wikileaks revelations are just the start

Verdant looks at the issues the Wikileaks scandal has thrown up

The Wikileaks story is surely going to be as painful as the MP’s expenses scandal with a drip feed of information as the journalists analyse and read material.

Is that a ‘larger’ gun in your pocket...?

The implications of the UK police force's new training regime
Earlier this month, Verdant asked how useful raising the terror threat level was in preparing the public for potential terrorist activity and concluded that such announcements need to be surrounded by a sound communications framework to have the necessary impact in preparing citizens accordingly.

The importance of Effective Stakeholder Consultation

Will Popham identifies best practice, potential pitfalls and the importance of careful planning when consulting with stakeholders

With the publication of the Strategic Defence Review (the first of its kind since 1998) and the news of the extensive cuts to the UK’s armed forces, the importance of stakeholder consultation and effective engagement has never been so apparent.  
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