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ISO Business Continuity Standard 22301 approved

The ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System (Requirements) Standard has been approved by vote this week by the ISO Technical Committee (TC223).
Through this vote the way is now clear for the full publication of the Standard that we would expect to be available for purchase from the BSI and others in the early summer. 
Users of the British Standard BS 25999 will continue to be certified, at least until the expiration date, but is is likely that many will choose to adopt this the new Global Standard. 

Business Continuity and Risk events coming up

From one extreme to another! 
Dates for your diaries: 1st Dec, 26th January and 14th & 21st February
I'm delighted to let you know about some upcoming events from the Forum and our partners.
Starting, out of chronological order, but in order of complexity:

Protection for business and commercial centres

This guide is intended to give protective security advice to those who are responsible for security in commercial centres. It is aimed at those places where there may be a risk of a terrorist attack either because of the nature of the building, it's location or the number of people who work in it.
The guide seeks to reduce the risk of a terrorist attack and limit the damage an attack might cause. It highlights the vital part you can play in the UK counter terrorism strategy.
It is accepted that the concept of absolute security is almost impossible to achieve in combating the threat of terrorism, but it is possible, through the use of this guidance, to reduce the risk to as low as reasonably practicable.

New York Hospital System Increases Communication to Improve Care

MIR3 Mass notification systemsHospitals are busy places where protecting the health and safety of patients, employees and visitors is vital. Find out how North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System ensures safety while minimizing interruptions that could impact the business of taking care of patients.

More from MIR3 ... Mass Notification systems 


EVENT - "Commanding the Crisis" London 14th December

Business Continuity Forum Crisis Management event
Commanding the Crisis 
London 14th December 


New Event - Clarity in the Cloud - 25th November ***

Business Continuity Forum Cloud Computing Special event
Clarity in the Cloud Workshop/Seminar
London  -  25th November 


Moving to the Cloud video - An introductory video from IBM Center for the Business of Government

In this video Dr. Wyld examines the entry of the cloud computing phenomena into the government. He avoids the technical language and focuses on the business and societal impacts of cloud computing. He examines how this concept has changed the expectations of both the public and of government executives and managers.

A video overview from the IBM Center for The Business of Government introducing Analytics and Risk Management

This video from IBM Center for the Business of Government outlines 4 reports available looking at Analytics and Risk Management and how it can be used.

More information and the reports can be downloaded from the IBM Center for The Business of Government.  

Second Workshop date for Commanding the Crisis Birmingham 22nd July

Business Continuity Forum Crisis Management event
Commanding the Crisis 
Birmingham July 22nd 


US Rail Company talking on the benefits of IBM Business Resilience (video)

This video features interviews with an Client who has developed robust business rooted resilience that delivers commercial benefits and savings. 

The Company talks about how they have benefited from Risk Management and operational improvements to their services as well as better portability and access to data using a variety of resilience and virtualisation techniques 

CPNI & BSI launch new PAS standard for Food & Drink Industry

This Publicly Available Specification (PAS) was developed by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) in collaboration with The British Standards Institution (BSI) in 2008. The original edition made use of preventative strategies within the World Health Organisation guidance on the Terrorist Threat to Food [1] which was revised in May 2008.

This new 2010 edition of PAS 96 has been reviewed by relevant stakeholders and amendments made to ensure its continued relevance and accuracy.

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