Enhancement Programme to the Civil Contingencies Act announced

While the CCA regime provided a robust and effective mechanism for responding to all of the disruptive challenges that have occurred since 2005 (e.g. floods, Bluetongue disease, foot and mouth, and the Buncefield fire), these events and the subsequent reviews (particularly the Pitt and Newton Reviews) provided much new evidence which indicated that there are various aspects of the CCA regime which would merit a more thorough review.

Banks could face prosecution over Indian call centre leak

The security leak was discovered following an investigation by a newspaper reporter from The Sun, who was able to buy bank account, credit card, passport and driving licence details of UK bank customers for just £4.25 each.

The call centre worker in New Delhi also told the reporter he could supply confidential data from 200,000 accounts per month. The newspaper handed a dossier with all the details to the City of London police.

Detective Inspector Oliver Shaw of the economic crime unit at City of London Police said in a statement: "Unfortunately we have no jurisdiction to prosecute in the UK so we have passed it through Interpol to the Indian authorities."

Don't let the unexpected ruin a relationship

Outsourcing managing the relationship honestly 

'Force majeure' is written into many contracts, but it is a mistake to treat it as a boilerplate clause. It is vital that definition and terms are spelt out clearly.

Like so many things left to chance, the modest clause of "force majeure" is written into the terms of many IT outsourcing, credit card, lease, insurance and financial contracts, and could be a disaster just waiting to happen.

So what is force majeure, and why is it sometimes overlooked for serious consideration when spelling it out could benefit both the supplier and the customer?

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