BC Management in an IT security landscape


A plethora of articles have explored the challenges of managing systems in a market downturn. The one common message is that information security professionals have to do more with less - to balance the rise in vulnerabilities and threat vectors with a fall in budget. Hence the increasing requirement to work smarter and develop holistic, sustainable approaches to information security management.

New plan for London's Pandemic Planning

New plan for London's Pandemic Planning

As organisations planning falters...

The Government Office for London's Resilience Team has just released the updated plan to detailing its plans to address the threat of Pandemic. This update follows enhanced guidance from the Department of Health and the Cabinet Office.

Exercising the BCM Plan

Exercising the BCM Plan  Jan 30th London - Full
Exercising your plan is the most vital aspect of the planning process and one which is the topic of extensive discussion.
Through this facilitated WORKSHOP we provide practitioners with both direct support and materials, which will enable most to directly improve the viability and effectiveness of their Business Continuity Management process.
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