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India's offshore IT and call centre industry targeted by terror group

Wed, 2005-03-05

Indian police have uncovered plans by a Pakistan-based group to attack companies working in the offshore IT and call centre industry.

Members of the Lashkar-e-Taiba terror group engaged Police in New Delhi in an hour long shoot out resulting in the capture of two and the deaths of three members. Police later raided their base and found information revealing they had visited Bangalore in December to survey software companies as potential targets as well as AK56 rifles, ammunition and over 10kg of the explosive RDX.

Hosting company customers hit by test failure

In a statement, Redbus reported that they were testing the generators when a fault developed in related switchgear at their Harbour Exchange facility.

It appears as though an electrical component was dislodged during the testing which subsequently caused a short circuit and a switch over to the UPS power supply.

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