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 Some of the sharper eyed amongst you will have noticed that pretty recently we have added a new feature to the Business Continuity Forum Website. Its up there in the top right hand corner ... our monthly charity.
The Continuity, Emergency and Security aspects of industry have a close involvement and understanding of what can go wrong and how lives can be ruined through a myriad of causes. Many of us have witnessed first hand some of the terrible things that do happen in this world. 

Support for Journalists and News Media organisations

The Continuity Forum has extensive experience in supporting the needs of all forms of News and Media Organisations.

As an impartial and independent NGO we are able to offer unbiased information, opinion and support for most issues surrounding Business Continuity, Risk Management and Security. 

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To reach the right people you have to use the right partner
The Continuity Forum is the best partner to reach decision makers!
With depth and varied content, the Continuity Forum delivers insight to the Business Continuity, Risk, Security and DR sectors. Your marketing programme needs to deliver real value to make your budget work and for this quality and targeting is vital.
That’s what the Continuity Forum provides directly to active organisations, delivering your message with a variety of tools and diverse approaches.
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Our flexibility, Multi-channel approach and quality reach make us the ideal partner for your organisation to reach the Business Continuity sector and its related fields.

Our History

Background on the Continuity Forum
The partner you need whatever the challenge!
The Continuity Forum was created to provide research, support, advice and liaison to all types of companies, professionals and government groups interested or involved in the sector. Our work has been substantially extended over the past 10 years as the sector has evolved, grown and become more complex. Over this time the Continuity Forum has maintained its pre-eminent position as the only independent NGO active in the sector.  The Continuity Forum remains a leader in the identification and response to industry issues and is represented on all the main Standards committees for Business Continuity, Risk and Resilience bringing a unique perspective to our work that ensures we are always at the forefront of industry knowledge and development. 


The extensive work and commitment of the Continuity Forum has earned us an extensive network of partners and supporters across government and business.

By supporting and connecting the diverse interest groups involved in Business Continuity we are able to help clarify and focus efforts, provide support and improve Business Continuity, Resilience and value for money.

Much of our work is very public and supports the Public Sector and Business, but a lot of our effort is hidden behind the scenes, laying the foundations for progress.  

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