Getting personal with business continuity ... five key success factors from IBM

In this Business Continuity white paper IBM discusses how an event disrupting your business can be better managed. Utilising their extensive experience they have identified five critical success factors that will help your organisation weather the storm.


Executive Summary (extract)


An event that disrupts your business, no matter how limited or broad in scope, can undermine your ability to remain competitive—and maybe even to survive. But while disaster recovery planning for your facilities and technology is critical to your business continuity, you also need to fully consider the impact of a disruption on your most valuable asset: your employees.


What would happen to your business if your workers were unable to perform their jobs? If critical operations are broken in one area, do you have a well-tested business continuity plan to transition the work—and possibly your staff—to another, unaffected area? Severe weather could impact mobility and keep employees from getting to your facility. A power outage could prevent workers from getting online or taking critical phone calls. Pandemics, terrorism, and natural and manmade disasters can be life- threatening or hinder your workforce from its ability to continue business in

multiple ways.


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