The Government remains on track to bring the bulk of the duties in Part 1 of the Act fully into force in November 2005.

Implementation timetable

The Act requires the Government to seek the consent of the National Assembly for Wales to the revised package of Regulations and statutory guidance and to consult the Scottish Executive; this process will take place during May and June. The Government has worked closely with colleagues in all of the devolved administrations throughout the policy development process, and do not expect to make substantial further changes to the documents. Local responders should therefore continue to drive forward their implementation programmes using the revised draft Regulations and statutory guidance published today as the basis for this work.

The next step of the process will be to lay the final Regulations before Parliament and publish the final version of the statutory guidance in July. The Government is on track to publish the non-statutory guidance Emergency Response and Recovery alongside the final Regulations and statutory guidance.

The consultation documents envisaged a six month implementation period between publication of the revised draft Regulations and statutory guidance and commencement of the bulk of the duties (with an additional six months for BCM promotion). The Government remains committed to giving local responders adequate time to implement the requirements of the Act. We will therefore commence the bulk of the duties in November 2005, with the duty on local authorities to promote BCM coming into force in May 2006.

Please find attached at the bottom of the page the following materials:

Revised letter to Stakeholders 

Draft Statutory Guidance (Emergency Preparedness) 

Draft CCA Regulations


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