In my world you best not be a Chicken

I thought I'd share something with you just to make you smile ... or take pity on me! 
I had a meeting with my boss last week, and when I arrived, he was, as usual, on the phone.  I tried to sneak in without disturbing him, but unfortunately I was not alone.
I had a pet carrier with me, and Russell and assumed, wrongly, that it was my adorable Border Terrier.  At this moment, the passenger in the carrier decided to make herself heard, meaning I had to rush out of the office pronto!. 

3PQ review starting building on success

Click to jump to the 3PQ page Time for an update on 3PQ - The review...
The project which launched just over 6 months ago is now due an review and update ... PDCA in practice ;)
This piece of work was so rewarding; working with a committee of like minded, and indeed "other-minded" folks to establish the core questions we need responses to from the supply chain, was fascinating. 

Twittering on about stuff?

It's been a busy few weeks at the Continuity Forum!  
The new ISO22301 is with us and the Forum is busily putting our Webinars together, busily putting our breakfast briefings together, busily... You get the picture.  Busy.
But that leads me to thinking about conversations this week.  Everyone is fraught keeping up with the latest information, whether on standards or on other business developments.  It's the 21st Century, and I can no longer avoid becoming a member of the  Twitteratti, and have signed up not only to Twitter, but also to the idea of researching best Twitter/continuity practice.  

BANG - Changing the business continuity industry

BANG is a group of friendly business continuity professionals who physically get together once a month and share experiences all year round via our LinkedIn group.
Each time we get together, typically the last Wednesday of every month in the City, London, we invite a guest speaker to talk about a hot topic. Speakers include a wide variety of industry thought leaders from multiple business sectors. Whatever the subject, whatever the debate we like to push boundaries, challenge the unchallenged.

Metropolitan Police Camden Counter Terrorism Roadshow hits the spot


Camden Counter Terrorism and Continuity Roadshow

Business Continuity, support advice guidance

On Friday 30th July the Continuity Forum was delighted to support a Metropolitan Police initiative organised by the Camden Division aimed at providing practical advice and guidance to local businesses and organisations across their area to help combat terrorist threat and boost community continuity and resilience. 

The event was held at the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury near Russell Square, yards from the scene of the Russell Square Bombing on 7/7. 

Thoughts on our new Commanding the Crisis Workshop


business continuity forum event commanding the crisis management

In a few weeks we'll be running our new “Commanding the Crisis” workshop in London, it's on 29 June for those of you that have missed the notices, and I think it is only fair to share what I suppose is a little concern. It is the title that worries me.

A day in the War Rooms


Business Continuity Forum BCM

On May 18th we took over the Churchill War rooms in Westminster for our Managing Risk event.   





Have you got something on your mind?


Would you like to share it?  Well here is your chance, the Continuity Forum would like to interview you to find out exactly what's on your mind?


Chairmans thoughts on Website Update


It's always a little nerve wracking when fairly big changes come along, but despite my doubts it appears as though the migration and virtually complete rebuild of our website has gone remarkably smoothly.

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