Protecting bars, pubs and nightclubs

This guide provides protective security advice to those who own, operate, manage or work in bars, pubs and nightclubs. It aids those seeking to reduce the risk of a terrorist attack, reduce the risk to patrons and limit the damage an attack might cause. It highlights the vital part you can play in the UK counter terrorism strategy.
Terrorist attacks in the UK are a real and serious danger. Crowded places, including bars, pubs and nightclubs are likely to feature in the attack plans of terrorist organisations in the future; as they are usually locations with limited protective security measures and therefore afford the potential for mass fatalities and casualties.
Although attacks have so far been infrequent, it is possible that your shopping centre could be involved in a terrorist incident. This might include having to deal with a bomb threat or with suspect items sent through the post or left in or around the centre.

Bars, Pubs and nightclubs  Counter Terrorism Security Advice

The guidance provided can be supplemented by specific advice from Counter Terrorism Security Advisers that can be reached though your local Police force or by following links provided on the CTSA CONTACT page.