Equality impact assessment of Crowded Place measures

This page provides information and guidance on the Equality Impact Assessment relating to crowded places. The guidance summarises the issues and makes recommendations on the process.
Specific equality-related issues were raised in a number of consultation questions surrounding the Security of Crowded Places.
These were added in consultation with a Home Office team whose responsibilities include helping integrate diversity issues into policy development. Responses to these questions were collated and analysed by Home Office analysts.
Three key areas were noted by which work undertaken to protect crowded places may have an impact on equality. 
measures taken to protect crowded places may reduce access for disabled people, or make it more difficult to ensure their safety in case of emergency. These are similar to issues faced by town planners;
groups who are more vulnerable to attack may incur additional costs because crowded places which they use require a higher degree of protection, and owners/operators pass these costs on to the user;
some measures, such as searching on entry, may be applied disproportionately to people from specific ethnic groups because they are perceived by owners/operators or their staff to be more likely to engage in terrorist or criminal acts. Such measures, even if applied randomly, may also have an increased impact on people who perceive themselves as being targeted.
Crowded Places Consultation response