ICM's latest version of Emergency Office now includes Voice and Apple

ICM has launched a new version of their Emergency Office Remote Working Solution with upgraded features that extend the capabilities of the service and raises the bar across the sector by adding voice capabilities.  
The Emergency Office is a remote working solution offering corporate data and now new telephony services from any PC over standard home broadband connection.

Emergency Office turns any PC, notebook, or iPad equipped with a standard broadband connection into a virtualised version of an employee’s corporate desktop, offering remote access to all their normal applications and data. In addition comes the added ability to re-route incoming or outgoing telephony calls to their home, mobile phone, or VoIP headset, whilst also ensuring calls can be centrally logged, voice recorded etc, receiving the same corporate telephony features and benefits as their office based counterparts.

ICM’s updated version allows staff who are not typically relocated to emergency offices during a disaster, or business disruption, to continue working from home securely and with high levels of control. The system is designed to be user-friendly and allows users to access the applications and data they would typically access at work, with the same familiar desktop look, feel and functionality.
Intended to form part of a business continuity plan, this latest remote recovery solution from ICM can be applied to most disruption scenarios and adds an agility and flexibility to an organisations BCM capability enabling it to be used in any wireless hotspot as well as from the employees home.

The service is accessed via an Internet browser or by a pre-configured USB device, which inserts into any standard device running Microsoft Windows and now the latest launch Apple systems (including the popular iPad and iPhone devices) creating a secure SSL connection to a virtual desktop located on a server in one of ICM’s business recovery centres.
ICM emergency office dongle
The new telephony aspects considerably extents the value and functionality of Emergency Office and utilities the £2.4m investment by ICM into extending their VoIP capabilities last year. 
According to Mike Osborne, MD of ICM, "Recent severe weather conditions, travel disruptions and the threat of a flu pandemic have highlighted the importance of remote working solutions to keep businesses operating in difficult circumstances, as well as in the case of a major disaster or incident. Emergency Office helps to reduce the business impact of a major incident and maintain staff and customer confidence by ensuring that staff are productive and contactable by customers and suppliers. The combination of data access, choice of connectivity methods, and integrated telephony now provided by Emergency Office will revolutionise the Business Continuity market" 
Emergency Office is available for an annual fee plus a pay-as-you-go monthly fee, with either a dedicated or syndicated subscription.