New Security and Counter Terrorism programme announced

Government enhances Counter Terrorism measures - CONTEST 2

The government has set out its enhanced strategy to combat the threat of Terrorism; known as CONTEST the policy shows the context and threat as well as the process adopted to counter the threat.

The briefing illustrates how terrorism has evolved in the UK and explains what led to the emergence of the threat we face today. It also examines how the threat may evolve over the next few years. The strategy sets out the principles that form the basis of the government’s response to terrorism.

These include keeping human rights at the heart of all the counter-terrorism work in this country and overseas. It also emphasises the need to address the longer term roots of terrorism, as well as its actions.

Download the CONTEST strategy document (PDF)

To watch a short video please click below (be aware your security firewalls may block access to Youtube video content):

The Continuity Forum is running the 8th Special Summit Special Risks this summer. This will held on 23rd July near Heathrow Airport and will feature the latest Industry updates.

A key Feature of the summit will be the progress on Public Sector Planning and a new initiative called VSAT from the National Counter Terrorism Office.

Keynote and technical presentations will feature through the day.

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