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Useful Resources for Swine Flu (H1N1)

Below is a list of resources that may prove useful to a wide range of organisations. Much of the planning and preparation undertaken for Avian Flu is completely appropriate for Swine Flu. Whilst the situation concerning Swine Flu is developing quickly organisations should thoroughly review their plans, protocols and the measures proposed for their organisation. Of particular importance are the following:

  • Hygiene and Healthcare measures
  • Policies on Staff availability and absence issues
  • Impact on Supply Chain, Critical relationships and dependencies
  • Stake-holder Communications
  • IT security and Distance/Teleworking protocols
  • Staff travel policies and issues

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OTHER PANDEMIC FLU LINKS (You can also contact us directly and we'll do our best to help)

WHO EPR Update Link - World Health Organisation

National Pandemic Plans by Country

WHO Outbreak Communications Planning guide

Pandemic Flu - National Framework Document responding to a Pandemic Cabinet Office/Dept of Health

Pandemic Flu - Advice for Business

Pandemic Flu - Guide for Hospitals and Healthcare - useful for Business and organisations to understand local considerations in planning

Pandemic Flu - Surge Capacity & prioritisation planning for Hospitals - useful for Business and organisations to understand local considerations in planning

Department of Health: Pandemic flu, frequently asked questions Pandemic flu and its impact on society - updated 19 Oct. (.pdf, 16 pages, 104KB)

Department of Health: Important information for you and your family This leaflet describes pandemic flu, the risk of it occurring in this country, what makes it different from the 'ordinary' flu we get every winter, and what the UK is doing to prepare for a possible influenza pandemic. Updated 19 Oct (.pdf, 16 pages, 1MB)


Foreign Office: Advice for Travellers and Business

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