Mexican Swine Flu outbreak creates international concern

Mexican officials and international experts are studying an outbreak of of Swine Influenza that has emerged in Mexico and which is suspected of killing up to 60 in the past month.

International Experts for the World Health Organisation and the US Centre for Disease Control are suggesting the outbreak in Mexico may be connected to a further 8 cases in the USA. It is suspected the virus may also have infect over 900 and the Mexican government has already moved closing public buildings and suspending public events to try and limit the spread of infection.

Swine Flu is an A strain Influenza (H1N1) primarily affecting the respiratory system and is only rarely transmitted to humans through close contact with Pigs. Evidence suggests that the new new strain has found a way to become directly transmitted between Humans and this is causing some alarm amongst experts.

A World Health Organisation spokesman states that it had prepared rapid containment measures and it was likely to convene a special meeting this weekend. In the US Authorities also confirmed they were also sending experts to monitor the situation as it develops.

In a trend similar to Bird Flu the victims killed so far were young adults - rather than more vulnerable children and the elderly. Mexicans authorities have stated that the epidemic is controllable and is taking steps to limit transmission, but US experts think this unlikely.

Social distancing measures have been taken with Schools, museums and libraries closed across the capital region and people are being urged to avoid shaking hands or sharing crockery. All public events have been suspended, an official said. Supplies of vaccine are limited and face masks have already sold out across Mexico.

Understanding the outbreak in Mexico, a country where numerous other influenza viruses are circulating, is very important to assess the full public health implications, but despite the concern to date both the WHO and the CDC said that there was no need at this point to issue travel advisories for parts of Mexico or the US.

This outbreak coincides with further WHO investigations in Egypt concerning a possible mutation of H5N1 Influenza (Bird Flu) which may effect a change in the infection pattern raising concerns of the virus having mutated into a form more easily transmitted between humans.

Virus Mutation is a complex topic but it is well known that for the most likely potential route for a Human pandemic involves Birds or Swine.