PAS 7000 EVENT Briefing | Managing and mitigating supply chain risk

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New Supply Chain Standard to Uncover and Mitigate Supply Chain Risks

Tuesday 4 November 2014 (Free)

VENUECentral London

TIME: 8.30am to 10.30am (registration starts at 8.00am)

Most organizations have good information on only the top 15% of their suppliers. PAS 7000 helps to answer the three questions relating to any organization’s supply chain partners “Who are they? Where are they? Can they be relied upon?”

Why do we need to know our supply partners?

The big challenge to organizations today will be how to protect their brand in an environment where:

  1. Brands are becoming more valuable as companies divest manufacturing facilities, property and physical assets. (The key message is that BRANDS MATTER and that the value of organizations is no longer just in the factory, people and process but rather the BRAND itself)

  2. Traceability is diminishing as speed and distances of supply chains and intermediaries increases with added complexity

  3. Consumer, media awareness and transparency is improving which will increasingly hold brands accountable for supply chain behaviour

Developed by BSI, PAS 7000 is a new specification that has been developed by Industry, for Industry to combine the key issues of Business Ethics, Information Security, Anti-Bribery, Environment, Business Continuity Management and Supply Chain Traceability into a Supplier Pre-Qualification program.

You are invited to join BSI for a breakfast briefing to learn more about the PAS 7000 approach and discuss its potential and future application.

PAS 7000 will be introduced by Howard Kerr, BSI Chief Executive and the discussions led by David Horlock, Managing Director, BSI Asia Pacific.

Please contact Lorraine Murphy at Tel: 0208 996 7834 to request further information about the event.