ISO 22313 GUIDANCE for Business Continuity published (ISO 22301)


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Introducing the latest international standard ISO 22313
The Guidance for Business Continuity management standard ISO 22301
BS ISO 22313 Societal security — Business continuity management systems — Guidance offers global best practice to organizations implementing an effective Business Continuity Management System (BCMS).
Acting as the guidance document for ISO 22301, the standard provides a more intuitive framework to those pursuing business continuity best practice. It is a key milestone to support the uptake and implementation of effective BCM worldwide.
Together, these BCM standards seek to support organizations in their on-going challenge to improve business resilience in the face of unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather or civil unrest.
ISO 22313 allows you to:
• Improve your business continuity management
• Acquire practical steps towards mitigating risk 
• Learn how ISO 22313 help to achieve best practice
• Gain practical insights into guidance application
• Set future direction of BCM in your organization.
BS ISO 22313 provides additional information to BS ISO 22301 helping the reader better understand what good BCM looks like and how it can be implemented in their organizations. These standards provide clear, jargon-free material for all organizations that want to establish or improve their resilience.
“The publication of ISO 22313 represents BSI’s latest step towards helping organizations take proactive control of their futures,” said Shirley Bailey-Wood, Director of Publishing at BSI. “The standard brings together knowledge and experience from industry professionals, recognising that complacency in business processes is no longer an option.” 
International commitment and interest for the supporting guidance standard is reflected in the 50 participating countries which have supported its publication.
The Continuity Forum was fully involved in the development process and we'll be running a new series of Webinars in the New Year for Members and Partners, along with public sessions to help you apply ISO 22313 Guidance to your Business Continuity Management System.
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