Business Continuity Basics Foundation Workshop - 14th Feb - Central London

Business Continuity Basics Are you on the right track?
Business Continuity - Workshop
14th Febuary 2012 - London EC4 
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The Continuity Forum invites you to a specially built workshop event designed to get your planning off to the right start and ensure your planning delivers real value.
Through the day we break down Business Continuity Management into a series of easily manageable chunks that help you apply the lessons learned quickly and easily within your organisation.
The format used follows industry Good Practice and is suitable for those looking at developing their knowledge and skills across the key areas of BCM activity. This workshop session is suitable for those at both beginner and intermediate levels of experience and features extensive 'hands-on' activity that delivers practical measures you can transfer directly to your business.
The workshop sessions provide a solid foundation to develop your professional skills and help you connect and manage the full scope of Business Continuity Activities across Public and Private sector organisations or all shapes and sizes.
The Workshop will also cover issues relevant to the planning needed for the 2012 Olympics and other Risk and Resilience topics. 

Managing your BCM planning the right way 


We take a modular approach to our workshop sessions and we never inflicit 'death by powerpoint'.
Our interactive approach is fun, engaging and lays the foundations needed to effectively introduce, manage and maintain your whole Business Continuity Management process easily, quickly and cost effectively.  
This foundation session is pivotal to the whole programme and provides the baseline knowledge needed to start creating, developing and testing your organisations Business Continuity Planning and management.
The opening topics look at the nature of Risk and Business, how they connect with BCM and the value of contextual Judgement Decision Making. These combine to provide effective insight into the whole Risk and BCM Management Process and provides a powerful perspective that is extremely useful in later sessions. 
Through the various sessions comprising the session we introduce the main concepts and processes of Business Continuity in a clearly structured and connected style that enables you explore how best to apply your new BCM skills to your role and organisation in the most effective way.
We really do make Business Continuity FUN, with each session pitched just right to ensure rapid progression and always in a context that is easy to access and communicate to others. 
Help is at hand throughout and network and breakout sessions enable further discussion of key issues building your confidence and planning capabilities quickly. The Workshop session covers the following general topics across four module sessions.
  • Business Continuity, Risk Management and your business - how it fits together 
  • Project Initiation - setting out the process
  • Defining your organisations Risk and Continuity strategies - key factors
  • The key stakeholders and their roles 
  • Judgement Decision Making and its importance to Risk and Business Continuity
  • Maintaining the focus and 'engagement'
  • Promoting the principles and getting 'buy in' across the organisation 
  • Levering the value and creative solutions 
  • Plan development components and timelines 
  • Testing the concepts - keeping an open mind 
  • Working with partners (customers and suppliers) 
  • The importance of 'Managing the Supply Chain'  
  • Security and Protecting the organisations from special risks
  • ICT dependencies and IT Recovery 
  • Crisis and Incident Management
  • Communicating in a Crisis - working with stakeholders,  Press and other Media 
  • Testing and rehearsing the Business Continuity Management Plans
  • Review, Audit and Plan Maintenance
  • Standards - are they relevant to you? 
Keeping you business Continuity on the right track The course materials include presentations and resources for you to use in your own organisation to rapidly transfer the skills you have gained to your organisation.
In addition, to keep you on the right track the Continuity Forum provides a post-event helpline and email support to answer any questions you may have or help provide additional advice.
We can also even arrange special Webcasts just for your organisation (and its partners) to further support and extend the development of your planning.      
In addition to establishing the core principles of BCM, the unique Continuity Forum approach encourages you to continually extend and develop your skills to the just the right level for your business by also providing access to the full range of professional sessions, delivered by the Continuity Forum and our partners across the country and internationally.
You can book to attend either the whole day or for the Morning or Afternoon Workshops
Session One - Understanding the Business
The first session helps delegates to identify stakeholders, critical activities and processes and the resources the organisation needs to deliver critical activities at the time of disruption.  The event starts with an overview of current good practice and concludes with a process mapping session and exercise.
Session Two - Getting the Buy-in 
The second event in the series concentrates on gaining support for Business Continuity Management from executives, middle managers, operating staff and suppliers. Delegates will be encouraged to consider how best to ‘sell’ BCM across the organisation and beyond.  The event will commence this session with a presentation which will be followed by an exercise and feedback session.  
Session Three - Business Continuity and the Supply Chain 
Your organisation, whether public, private or voluntary - and regardless of size - is dependent upon suppliers.  Many will have outsourced key activities or use intermediaries to deliver their products and services to their customers and clients.  A failure by a key supplier, outsource organisation or intermediary may disrupt the supply to clients and customers who will hold you responsible for the disruption.  Managing suppliers is therefore critical.  The event will examine the role of procurement in including the BCM requirement in contracts. 
Session 4 - Building A Business Continuity Plan
This session will consider the range of options that can be used to ensure continuity at the time of disruption.  It will cover what should be included in the planning process, and the style of plans.  This event will help provide useful feedback on existing plans, and delegates are encouraged to bring their plans for sharing and advice.
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For more information on our publicly available Getting Started with BCM events check the events listing page or contact us directly here. If you would like to discuss how you can use the  'Getting Started with BCM Modules Programme as In-House training or with your community as public sessions please contact Sara McKenna directly.