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Argos and Homebase could have been crippled following the collapse of Bemrosebooth, a key supplier of Print Services to the Home Retail Group (HRG), when they fell into administration.

HRG though had the foresight to have a plan and invoked their contract with specialist Print Support company Business Continuity.  While HRG seek alternate providers of this specialised service Business Continuity will be maintaining the service to Argos and Homebase customers with all their paperwork covering statements, letters and mailings amounting to hundreds of thousands of documents each week continuing to sent uninterrupted. 

Mike Palmer, head of financial services at the Home Retail Group has confirmed that they saw minimal disruption to the company and that service delivery from Business Continuity is proving to be extremely effective. 

Danny Brock, MD of Business Continuity, stated that they are now producing over 100,00 pages a day as part of the service contract in place.

Continuity Forum comment

This story strikes a chord in a number of areas. The problem of a company failing in the supply chain of HRG has been mitigated by having a contract with Business Continuity. HRG had the sense to identify the Print Infrastructure as a key area to protect and had plans (with contracts) in place and as a result their business and customers are being impacted far less than would otherwise be the case. We are though wondering just how many others have considered their dependence on Print and the difficulties on maintaining capacity if a disruption was to occur? In addition, we wonder how many other companies who had contracts with BemroseBooth are left rueing the fact they don't have that capacity any more.  

Whilst the Administrator David Rubin & Partner works to find a buyer we know that in such a competitive market competitors will be welcoming the opportunities arising, but that during the process of change-over many companies will have had disruptions caused impacting straight onto the bottom line. Do you think they will have have learned form the differing experience they had compared to Argos and Homebase?

We' like to here from you on whether or not your organisation has plans to cope if you lost print capability.

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