Business Continuity Forum Events, Training and Professional Development
Continuity Forum Events
The Continuity Forum provides a wide range of events geared to meet the needs of everyone from newcomers to experienced professionals.  We have an unrivalled track record of success, built over the past 10 years, having delivered over 1000 events in the UK and internationally.
Our Feedback scores from delegates is exceptional with over 93% of all attendees rating our sessions as very good or excellent. 

 Foundation Events 
DATE   Name of Event status Location

Various   BC Basics - Getting the Buy-in & understanding the Business Booking London
Various   Crisis Management Seminar & Workshop Booking London
Various   BC Basics Identification of Critical Activities Booking London
Various   BC Basics Getting the Buy in! Booking London
Various   BC Basics - BC and Suppliers Booking Birmingham & London
various   Exercising the BCM Plan   London
various   Promoting Business Continuity Management   Various


We offer both public and private "in-house" events and education split across a range of areas relevant to Business Continuity, Emergency Planning, Security Risk and Resilience. Our sessions are delivered in a variety of venues and in a mix of formats from Breakfast Briefings through to Complete multi-day Workshops. We work with diverse experts partners from a variety of backgrounds to ensure the quality and reliability of the content delivered is always world class.          
Our 'Getting Started' Sessions are structured to aid skills development and complements the timeline of internal BCM programmes development with sessions held regularly throughout the year. 
In-House, Professional and Expert events are customised to meet specific needs and are frequently used to aid the development of BCM in wider communities such as the Public Sector or Professional Groups.  Our Briefing Events enable you to get world class support on most areas of the sector, delivered to your company and/or its partners in a highly effective format.
Public Sessions provide expert help and support on most Business Continuity, Security, Risk and Resilience topics. These sessions are ideal to promote awareness and promote engagement at national, regional and local levels. Frequently these events are held in conjunction with Public Sector bodies to meet the promotion requirements of the Civil Contingencies Act.  

 Other events availiable

    Benchmarking your BCM Programme   London
    Brand & Reputation - Helping organisations to protect the reputation & image of their organisation   London
    BCM for the Healthcare sector   Bristol
    Telecoms & Resilience Conference - looking at how to ensure Communication Continuity   London
    The NEW British Standard - What it means and how to achieve compliance   London
    Civil Contingencies Act - Impact, Implementation & Compliance, special sessions for organisations affected by the CCA   London
    Communicating in a Crisis - Key factors to manage communications effectively in Crisis   London
    Introduction to BCM - Part One - Opening moves   London
    Introduction to BCM - Part Two - Developing Continuity   London
    Introduction to BCM - Part Three - Testing, Audit and Review   London
    Starting the journey - Getting the Buy-in!   National
    Identifying and planning for Critical Activities   National
    Managing the Supply Chain - Embedding BCM   National
    Managing Domestic Terrorism threat   National
    Security in the City   National
    Media Skills - Getting your message across   National

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