Example Job or Contract sought page

This page is intended to illustrate the Business Continuity Job or Contract Wanted page and provides some tips to help your submission to us and improve your success.
Introduce the primary skills set offered/needed ...
Be sure to outline the contracts skills set needed or your main area of expertise/experience (Business Continuity, Emergency Planning etc). Highlight performance measures for contracts or for positions sought examples of what you have achieved. Treat this as the hook to get folks to read on.
Role or Skills Sought  
Outline the kind of role sought or the specific contract needs. For contracts please confirm the length and whether there is a an option to extend.  
Confirm where the contract is or you are based. Be sure to indicate any travel considerations or if relocation will be considered.
Nationality (Status)  
Employers need to be sure that folks are entitled to work in the country designated and as such confirmation of Working Status is often required to met these regulations.
Additional Information 
Please add information relevant to employers. This can be Business Continuity or Emergency Planning qualifications, training, previous clients or employers, special interests, Security Clearance levels or pretty much anything you think would prove useful for potential employers to know.
The listing service can include your attachments providing more details on the role for contracts or your CV.  These will available for download on the listing page. These should be in Word or PDF format (we recommend PDF).  
If you have any questions you can mail us at [email protected]