Risk Management Workshop Series - Edinburgh - London - Bristol

Continuity Forum Risk Management workshop series Risk Management Workshop series
Edinburgh - London - Bristol
24th January, 14th & 19th February 
These Risk Management Workshop sessions form part of the process of review and feedback on the developing nature of Risk Management standards and have been developed by the Continuity Forum and the BSI. 
They have been designed to flow together, creating engagement and drawing people into meaningful discussions on key issues surrounding Risk Management Standards and how it connects to other professional disciples that use Risk Management techniques such as Business Continuity, Resilience and Security Management. 
In addition, we are seeking to develop insight and support on the potential for Standards based Risk Management to positively contribute to the UK's management of Climate Risk through the National Adaption Programme (NAP).  
This is a Workshop Series comprising of presentations followed by facilitated debate/discussion on the topics raised. We need to hear your views and opinions on the topics raised.  This approach encourages valuable feedback and stimulates broad discussion on important issues between delegates. These discussions also provide a platform for the afternoon Work Groups where key themes can be developed further, adding depth and helping build insight. 
Our goal is to gain YOUR input on the current landscape for Risk, how standards are being used (both 31100 & ISO 31000) and how they may need to develop in the future.
Your contributions will help feedback into the British Standards Institution and government on the challenges and opportunities being faced by those in the front lines. Delegates will be able to preselect the afternoon Work Group they wish to join.
The sessions start from 08:45 with registration and end at 16:00.
Outline Agenda 
AM Sessions: Presentations and feedback all incorporating: 
 “Influencing the Revision of ISO 31000” 
“Risk Management & Climate Change Risk Adaption - A Risk Opportunity?" 
“Creating and Releasing Value through Risk Management"
“Going beyond what you know" 
“The Challenges of Integrating BC and RM into related polices and activities"
PM Sessions: Stakeholder Group Workgroups 
“BS31100 and Climate Risk Adaption - managing change” 
“Organizational Resilience & Risk Management - Convergence or Confusion” 
“Building effective Risk Management Techniques” 
“Communicating Risk - Creating Clarity” 
“Creating value through Risk Management” 
These sessions are completely free to attend
08:45  Registration opens 
09:15  Welcome & Housekeeping 
09:20  Overview of workshop series and its objectives 
09:35  Presentations
11:00  “Time to think”  Break
11:15  Presentations
12: 15 Facilitated debate and feedback through the ‘chair’ - Q&A
13:30 Review of Morning session exploring:
  • Themes
  • Key points 
  • Connections  
13:45 Commence Work Groups 
Each work group to review the morning topic and feedback on issues & opportunities - notated and presented to the group.
Work Groups will reflect the interest and expertise of the specific delegates.
Limits may be imposed on Group Size and Topics depending on topics selected on Booking.   
The workgroup sessions will be followed by:
15:00 Group Presentations & Discussions 
16:00 Summary, Thanks and Close 
Please note that the agenda may change to reflect the interests of particpants.
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Edinburgh 24th January
London 14th February
Bristol 19th February 
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