BS 12999 | Draft For Comment | Damage management

BSI Standards development The BSI has been working to produce standaised Guidance for Damage Management that outlines the processes followed to facilitate the reinstatement and future integrity of affected public, commercial or domestic property, contents, facilities and assets, in the event of an incident or peril that causes damage.  The consultation closes at the end of April 2015.

This code of practice called BS 12999 builds on the already recognized BDMA Standards and connects and supports other standards covering Business Continuity and Recovery Management . 

BS 12999 aims to provide recommendations for good practice in carrying out stabilization, mitigation, remediation and restoration procedures necessary to control and recover such damage and restore equilibrium to those affected.

The guidance can be applied to property damage or contamination caused by a wide range of incident types including fires, floods, explosions, trauma scenes, etc. It identifies generic processes applicable to specific incident types but does not advocate specific technologies or methodologies.

The standard does not extend to providing guidance on building repair and reinstatement. However it is recognized that damage management is the primary phase of the overall repair and reinstatement process and is likely to involve interaction with other parties involved at various stages. Comments can be submitted directly to the BSI or to the Continuity Forum Policy Group.

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