Webinar - Business Continuity, Risk and Climate Adaptation

Business Continuity Forum Webcast Climate Adaptation Programme REPLAY

This Webcast will be the first of an intital series of SIX focusing on the role of Business Continuity and Risk in managing the Adaptation to Climate Risk.
The events will be available through our Fuzebox conferencing system and be available for viewing after the event through the our websites Climate Adaptation Portal.  These webcasts are held in association with the Environment Agency as part of the national Climate Ready Programme.       
The opening webcast introduces our Climate Adapation Programme and provides illustration on both the current landscape and the way forward. 
The principle theme will be just how vital it is for Business Continuity and Risk Management Professionals to engage in proactive assessment on how climate change may impact your normal operations and the resilience of your organization.
Each of the Webcasts will build and reflect the feedback gained from the Climate Adaptation Programme as it develops and will feature presentations from the Continuity Forum and our guests on how important your work is as organizations learn to adapt to climate change and its effects.
We will also be seeking your input on the issues faced and are asking you to conribute to our opening Climate and BCM Research that aims to gather information nationally on the levels and depth of activities linking Adaptation, Risk and Continuity Planning.

Business Continuity Forum Climate Adaptation Programme

Through the Climate Adaptation Programme we are directly working to build the national resilience to Climate Risk across all sectors of our economy to bring amplified and cost effective benefits for every one.
The opening Webcast will be less than 20 minutes long and we hope you will be able to join us. 

For more information please call us on + 44 208 1599 or mail HERE!