UK Government Climate Change Risk Assessment

This report outlines the UK Government’s views on the main issues raised in the Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) Evidence Report (an independent analysis funded by UK Government and Devolved Governments), to highlight actions already in place to manage the risks identified in the CCRA, and to outline UK Government plans for the future.
The CCRA Evidence Report sets out the main risks and opportunities for the UK, arising from climate change, over the coming years. It is important to note that the analysis, informed by the UK Climate Projections, provides a baseline of impacts, disregarding current and future planned action in the majority of the analysis. Excluding these factors from the analysis provides a more robust ‘baseline’ against which the effects of different plans and policies can be more easily assessed.
In laying this this report report to Parliament the Minster said "The CCRA Evidence Report is a world-class independent research project that analyses the key risks and opportunities that changes to the climate bring to the UK. It provides a baseline that sets out how climate risks may manifest themselves in the absence of current and planned actions."
Caroline Spelman adds "The baseline of the CCRA Evidence Report allows Government and others to assess the extent to which our actions and plans are climate resilient, and to judge what more needs to be done."

UK Climate Change Risk Assessment: Government Report