Security Advice for Universities and Colleges

This guidance has been developed to assist the higher and further education sectors in addressing the security issues relating to terrorist attacks.
It is the product of discussions and sharing of best practice involving the National Counter Terrorism Security Office together with representatives from UK universities and colleges.
We want our Higher and Further institutions to be places where all students and staff are safe and secure and able to foster a culture of shared values and open debate to cohere the rightly celebrated diversity of the sector. But there is a real and serious threat of terrorist attacks in the UK and terrorism can come in many forms, not just a physical attack on life and limb. It can include interference with vital information or communication systems, causing disruption and economic damage. This guidance helps those with the responsibility for Security, Business Continuity and Contingency planning met their obligations. 
The law requires institutions to carry out adequate risk assessments and ensure that suitable measures are in place to manage identified risks. Institutions should conduct prompt and regular reviews of those assessments and measures in light of new threats and developments at the institution and the surrounding area.
Equally important is that business continuity plans address security issues to ensure that institutions can cope with an incident or attack and return to 'business as usual' as soon as possible.
Having a robust security culture and being better prepared reassures your whole community that you are taking security issues seriously.
Heads of institutions should bring this guidance to the attention of all relevant staff. These are likely to include Security, Estates, Facilities, Health & Safety and HR Managers.
Although each institution will have its own particular circumstances, the guidance addresses all of the areas of concern for educational establishments and includes a number of useful Good Practice checklists.


This guide provides protective security advice to those who own, operate, manage or work in bars, pubs and nightclubs. It aids those seeking to reduce the risk of a terrorist attack, reduce the risk to patrons and limit the damage an attack might cause. It highlights the vital part you can play in the UK counter terrorism strategy.

Bars, Pubs and nightclubs  Counter Terrorism Security Advice

The guidance provided can be supplemented by specific advice from Counter Terrorism Security Advisers that can be reached though your local Police force or by following links provided on the CTSA CONTACT page.