Organizational Resilience Standard now available | ISO 22316

BSI ISO 22316 The International Standards Organisation has issued the Draft for Public Comment (DPC) for its new standard covering Organizational Resilience - Principles and Guidelines | ISO 22316.

Submissions are CLOSED. ISO 22316 is now available from the BSI Shop (click here)

This International Standard provides guidance to enhance organizational resilience for any size or type of public or private organization and is not specific to any industry or sector. It can be applied throughout the life of an organization.

The public consultation process for the international standard ISO 22316 ‘Guidelines for organizational resilience’ is an important part of the standards development process that encourages organisations and specialists to provide feedback on the content of the standard.  All comments submitted are reviewed through a comments resolution review process with the result that the content of the standard can change the detail covered based on the feedback provided through the public consultation.  

The UK’s National Standards Body, the BSI, is leading the DPC consultation process in the UK and interested parties can register their comments online at: UK comments are requested to be made no later than the 13th June 2016.

This new ISO standard is based on the principles and practices detailed in the developed in the British Standard,  BS 65000 Guidance for Organizational Resilience, published in 2014 and that describes the foundations and the necessary steps  required  to build better organizational resilience. 

The aim of the consultation process for ISO 22316 is to develop an international best practice standard for organizational resilience and establish clear guidance for anyone wishing to take a proactive approach to help ensure that their organization passes the test of time. The draft has been compiled by global representatives from organizations across all sectors that make up the committee.

ISO 22316 can help:

  • Clarify the nature and scope of resilience

  • Identify the key components of resilience to enable an organization to review its resilience

  • Implement and measure improvements

  • Identify and recommend good practice already defined in existing standards and disciplines.

The final standard is expected in 2017 subject to the feedback submitted during the consultation phase.

For more details on this work or to discuss our contribution to the standard please contact us HERE.

For Members wishing to submit comments please contact us HERE for copies of the required documentation.