BSI announces PD25111 - The Human Aspects of Business Continuity


The BSI has released the latest guidance enhancing BS 25999, the British Standard for business continuity management. The new published document focuses on the human aspects of business continuity and provides specific guidance on how to address the human factors within the planning cycle. The new document is referenced as  PD25111 and has been created by a Working Group comprising many of the same advisory team that developed BS 25999.


The guidance in PD25111 provides many of the answers needed to how an organisation can address “people issues" who are involved or affected by a disruption and further adds to the materials available to organisations developing business continuity.

There are now four documents available from the BSI, including the two-part standard with PD25666 providing information on exercising and testing giving further specific guidance on testing and exercising for continuity and contingency programs. A further document is currently in development PD 25888 that looks at additional guidance focused on the recovery phase of business continuity and which is currently being reviewed by the committee.


These additional documents provide added clarity and robustness to BS 25999 further enhancing its ability to ensure effective continuity within organisations.


The Chair of the BSI Business Continuity Management committee(BCM/1), Chris Green said: “in recent years, the experts involved in developing BCM standards have responded to feedback from professionals by developing a series of additional documents. These provide insight into new detailed areas based around BS 25999 as the core business continuity standard."


Russell Price, Continuity Forum Chairman comments: “ultimately organisations depend firmly on their people, PD 25111 provides a framework to ensure that they are firmly embedded in the organisations thinking around BCM. The significance of the “People Factors" should never be underestimated and PD 25111 will be a valuable  tool to help in further enhancing the relevance of BS 25999 to organisations."


PD documents are not standards but they do follow a similar format and are designed to connect with them and support.


PD 25666:2010 and PD 25111:2010 are both priced at £95 and are available from the BSI website.